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When I’m not working, you can find me:

Collecting vintage jewelry and selling it! I am the co-founder of BLACKFEMME

Modeling, but I’m also learning my way around a camera, photography is my new hobby

I don’t cook but I love hosting dinner parties

Doing yoga, its favorite way to quiet my crazy mind

Dreaming of living on the beach

Advertising is my chosen superpower.

My chance to share my point of view with the world and get a chance to showcase the representation in media I wanted to see when I was a little girl.

Mothering my house of plants both dying and thriving 

Hoping to expand my family with the addition of a fur baby soon. Big cat fan.

**The words around me are words used to describe me by my friends, family, and people I've worked with over the years

I love to build things from the ground up and fill them with energy and essence. Creating concepts and bringing them to life is my 9-5.

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