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make pinterest shoppable


With almost half a billion pinners Pinterest helps people find things they actually love, and now Pinterest wants to help you shop this holiday season. Consumers are finding products they’d like to buy on Pinterest but ultimately turn elsewhere to make the purchase. With little awareness of Pinterest’s shopping capabilities, those who are aware don’t really get why they would want to shop on Pinterest. Our ask was to make Pinterest shoppable. 


For the expansion of Pinterest’s shopping experience, we developed a social media campaign to bring awareness to this new shoppable feature. 61% of Americans admit to having received at least one unwanted gift over the holiday season. 68% of people consider gift-giving their “love language.” They strive to buy the best gifts for the people they care about and take extra consideration into gift-giving during the holidays. We have deemed this target audience as “The Holiday MVP (Most Valuable Pinner)”.  What we uncovered is, going the extra mile to give a great gift takes work, which led us to our insight that gift-giving is competitive and our strategy, a solid game plan is rewarding. Pinterest has the opportunity to help its consumers give a present their loved ones actually want this holiday season.


To reach our goal to have our consumers shop on Pinterest, we had to persuade our Holiday MVPs to see Pinterest as a visual guide and window to a person’s life. The game plan we created to achieve this includes social platform ads both in-house and off-platform, an interactive experience, and a brand partnership.


For our campaign, Give Greater we created both video and static ads to be shown on Pinterest’s feed cards and in-house ads that are highly targetable and show up on consumers’ home feed or in search results.


Give greater campaign


Scan bar code or CLICK HERE for the interactive experience

interactive experience

Our interactive experience was a further extension of our insight on the competitiveness of gift-giving by going a step further and gamify the Pinterest shopping experience. During the holiday season, feed card ads would serve as a point of entry where consumers have the opportunity to partake in a timed matching game in a group with their chosen community. When the game is complete, matches are uncovered to reveal your friend’s wishes, and you are then able to shop their desires at your fingertips and lock in your game status as The Holiday MVP. 


brand partnership

We wanted to tie in Pinterest’s charitable actions in a brand partnership with NBA Cares, where a portion of holiday sales bought through Pinterest during the month of December would be donated to help gift presents to families in need through The NBA Cares Toy Drive. With this NBA gameday partnership, an extensive number of viewers will be watching and it will open the doors for a wider male audience for Pinterest.

Art Director - ShahRukh Tailor

Copywriter - Trey McMillan

Strategist - Francisco Marcano

Experience Designer - Pareesa

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